What is a loft?

The ‘LOFT’ concept originated in a handful of cities along the North Eastern seaboard around the late 1960’s with NYC, Boston and Chicago leading the way. Due to their vast yet aging industrial base, they found an efficient way to convert industrial structures into residential space. The loft concept blends the openness of industrial factories or warehouses with large glass exposure derived from brick and beam structures. The result is a blank canvas of residential space, which provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase the edgy flare of the latest in interior architecture and artistic expression

Very few ‘loft’ developments in Toronto have maintained their industrial characteristics without falling into the cookie cutter world of the ‘condo’… often robbing these open spaces of their true potential.

We are pleased to release The Authentic Collection as a throwback to the original concept. Evocative both in style and grandeur of the hidden treasures Artisans and Purists kept in some of New York’s most eclectic neighborhoods, these are true lofts in every sense of the word.

The generous proportions of these suites are a rare find among all other lofts in Toronto. Ranging from 2,400-2,900 square feet of living space, with ceiling heights soaring up to 20ft, and window heights reaching 14ft. Each suite has been designed to provide a sanctuary of total privacy overlooking the lake, the city and the thriving community of Liberty Village.

The use of modern materials, European surfaces and ultra gourmet appliances will provide a clean yet striking contemporary contrast to this historic structure dating back to the early part of the 19th century.